Props I use as a Dehradun Escorts to Increase the Fun with My Clients

Escorts in Dehradun

I am a young college girl working as a Dehradun Escorts. I am called Milky by my clients and my escort agency because of my milky complexion and glowing skin that mesmerizes all men around me. I possess a curvy body to entice my clients by wearing revealing clothes. But I know that your beauty and sensuality are not enough to be a successful and popular escort. I may not be as experienced as some of the mature housewives working for more than a decade but I have experimented with some objects to come up with a very useful strategy for my clients. 

I Blindfold men to Bring Sexual Pleasures to them

I come across all types of men from young college students to middle-aged businessmen. But one thing is common among all the clients and that is their desire to experience amazing bodily pleasures. I have seen many porn movies where blindfolding is used as a tool to increase the excitement of the partner. I tie a handkerchief on the eyes of my man and then play with his tool to bring heavenly pleasures to him. At times, I ask them to do the same to me and then play with my body parts if that makes them happy. I have found this strategy highly effective as an escort in Dehradun

Dehradun Escorts

Making love in front of a Mirror as a Dehradun escort

Most of the clients have never made love to a woman in front of a huge mirror. It can be very exciting and interesting to be able to watch your image in a  mirror while you are indulging in foreplay or the actual act of intercourse. I have chosen some hotels where they have installed huge wall-to-wall mirrors for the amusement of their customers. As a Dehradubn escort, I find it very exciting to undress and be seen by my clients in the mirror at the same time. I also enjoy looking at my expressions as clients play with my boobs and pussy. This strategy is very useful in the case of customers who are tired or otherwise not able to achieve an erection instantly. 

Using food items as a Dehradun Escort to Increase the fun 

Have you ever tried to include food items like honey, ice cream, chocolate, etc as props during lovemaking? If not, then you will be surprised how these props can increase the fun quotient and bring so much happiness to you during a lovemaking session. Many Dehradun escort services have started to copy my strategy and they now encourage their clients to arrange these food items to have lots of fun during lovemaking. I can see the excitement in the eyes and behavior of my clients when I ask them to place chocolate or honey on my navel and breasts and then tell them to lick it away. I even pour ice cream on the tool of my clients and then suck t to make them go wild with excitement. 

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