Living a happy and luxurious life as a Dwarka escorts

Dwarka escorts

Hi. A big hello from Mini, the most famous and well-known name in the world of Dwarka escorts. I am referred to as a pocket bomb by my clients and my agency because of my diminutive figure and curvy body.

I am just 22 years old and also the highest-paid Dwarka escort. I am in great demand from my clients who include foreign diplomats, wealthy businessmen, and high-flying executives. I am going to tell you my story which begins as a middle-class ordinary girl and ends as a rich and successful entrepreneur. 

Dwarka escorts

I was struggling to make both ends meet before working as a Dwarka escort

Today, I am living a comfortable life but there was a time just 3 years ago when I was not able to buy new clothes for myself. Yes, being one of 5 siblings, my father was not able to fulfill our necessities in his meager income.

I felt envious of my friends who wore expensive dresses and used branded gadgets. I tried to work in an office part-time but they were offering a small salary that would not have been sufficient to fulfill the expenses of a lavish lifestyle.

Realizing my envy and desperation for a good lifestyle, one of my friends suggested that I should work as a Dwarka escorts. Initially, I was hesitant as I thought it could bring disrepute to my family. But when the manager of the escort agency told me that he would take care of my privacy, I finally said yes to his offer. Today, I can say that was the best decision of my life.

I didn’t need to do much to become a popular escort

I am a good-looking girl with a curvy body and a milky complexion. I didn’t need to make any efforts to get a chance to work as a Dwarka escort. My English accent was good which worked in my favor as I needed to give company to foreigners and rich businessmen.

I was given basic training by other Dwarka escorts on developing a style and wearing tight and revealing clothes to easily mesmerize all men around me. I picked up the tricks of the trade in just a few days and it was then that I was allowed to meet my first client. 

Earning more money than my father as a Dwarka escort

I work only a few days every week and yet I am able to earn more money than my father who has been working for the last thirty years. It is really surprising to see that clients are willing to pay thousands of Rupees to me for getting a chance to spend some time in my romantic company.

The life I live as an escort in Dwarka is luxurious and full of all amenities. The only thing that I have to do is to make sure that no one in my family comes to know about the fact that I have become an escort

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